Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Friday, June 14, 2013


CHRIST IN WINTER: Reflections on Faith For the Years of Winter…
Here’s a song for worship. Probably a jazz or cowboy service. Hank Snow didn’t write melodies for Gregorian chant.
I can imagine Joe Frazier singing it at St. Columba’s, or Jennifer Foote Shide at Aldersgate, or Dr. Wilkey at Laws Chapel, or… well, there are lots of possibilities. And since many of my minister friends are moving to new churches as of July, here’s a number for your last service….
A word of apology, though, to Mary Rose Faust Jensen, who is a real hymn writer [].
This is to the tune of Hank Snow’s “I’m Movin’ On,” although in my brain I always hear Homer and Jethro singing their version, in which my favorite verse is: The old tom-cat was feelin’ mean, when he got his tail caught in the sewin’ machine, he’s movin’ on, he’ll soon be gone. He ripped a stitch when he hit the ditch, he’s movin’ on.

The rich man’s barns were quite a site
But God said, “Your soul’s leavin’ tonight”
He’s movin’ on, he’ll soon be gone
He waved goodbye with a tear in his eye
He’s movin’ on. [1]
Lazarus was dead and stinkin’ bad,
Mary and Martha were really sad
He was movin’ on, he’d soon be gone
Christ said “Have no fear; get your rear out here. [2]
You’re not movin’ on.” [3]
Jesus didn’t just hang out in his tomb
He went to hell and said, “In heaven there’s room,
Keep movin’ on, from here be gone
There’s a place for you with a better view [4]
Keep movin’ on.”
The crucifixion was just a blur,
They all thought Christ was dead for sure
He was movin’ on, he’d soon be gone
But love still flows ‘cause up he arose
We’re movin’ on {crescendo and glissando}
Following is the benediction response for the service in which the above is used…
Some bright morn you’re gonna fly
To your place with God on high
You’ll be movin’ on, you’ll then be gone
But wait a few, you’ve still got work to do
‘Til you’re movin’ on, movin’ on, movin’ on
John Robert McFarland
1] Luke 12:16-21.
2] Alternate line: But Jesus said, “You just THINK you’re dead.”

Helen says she doesn’t think Jesus would have told Lazarus, “Get your rear out here.” I disagree, since Jesus has often told me to get my rear in gear to go do something I didn’t want to do.

It is also physically correct. Humans can walk upright because of our over-developed gluteus maximus muscles. When we say to someone some variation of, “Move your big rear,”  or “Get your rear over here,” it is simply an acknowledgement of anatomical necessity.
3] John 11:1-44.
4] Alternate line preferred by grandson Joe: There’s room for all in Heaven’s mall…
    Alternate line preferred by granddaughter Brigid: There’s room for us in the Gospel bus…
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