Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Monday, September 17, 2012


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CHRIST IN WINTER: Reflections on Faith For the Years of Winter…
Arcola, IL friend Jane Jenkins sent Helen a link to watch, “How the rover got to mars.” Below is Helen’s reply. I asked her if I could share it more widely, and she agreed. It seems very appropriate
as winter comes on.
Thank you, Jane. I enjoyed this. As I watched it, I marveled at how the spaceship was designed to eject some of its parts periodically as their task was finished. It hit me that that is similar to people at our age. Many of the parts of my life have served their purpose and I have ejected them (physically, my gall bladder and uterus are examples, though I guess I could still use the gall bladder, but I don’t miss it). In other areas, I find myself constantly working to edit my possessions, interests, and activities. I just don’t have the energy to do everything I once did, so I must make choices and set priorities. I once read an article about moving into a small retirement apartment. The author, talking about what furniture to keep, said, “Keep the best pieces and the best memories.” I thought that was pretty good advice.
I’m paring down my clothes and getting rid of the “mistakes” I’ve bought and kept for years without wearing. Sometimes I look around the room I’m in and think about what furniture, pictures, etc. I would keep if we were moving to smaller quarters. This morning I’ve been potting up a few plants from the deck to bring in for the winter (parsley and chives), throwing away some that are spent, and setting out a few new, cool weather things that will stay there through the snow of winter (mums and flowering kale). I call them my “winter garden.” The deck looks so much nicer in winter with snow-covered plants than with everything cleared off. Even there, I guess I’m keeping the best pieces and the best memories.
Love and good memories to you,

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