Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Everybody Say Amen Tonight [song]

I haven’t written anything for Christ In Winter for a long time. I realized I was writing out of a sense of obligation rather than joy, and that writing for others was keeping me from doing the soul work of old age that must be done within, silently, rather than externally, in broadcast style.

But I came across this song I wrote some time ago, and I thought you might enjoy it…

It starts with a prayer
And goes on from there
Right away you have something to share
Will anybody say Amen tonight?

This is the day
That the lord has made
Get out of the heat and into the shade
Let’s everybody say Amen tonight

Everybody sing
And everybody shout
We’ll drive that gloomy devil out
Everybody say Amen tonight

The road is narrow
The road is straight
There’s no room on that way for hate
Everybody say Amen tonight

The lord will provide
for us somehow
All we need we’ve got right now
Everybody say Amen tonight

Stay right here
With a prayer and a grin’
You must be present if you want to win
Everybody say Amen tonight

I’m a sinner’
You are, too
God’s still got some work to do
Everybody say Amen tonight

I’m a fright
And you’re a mess
We’ve got some sins we’d better confess
Everybody say Amen tonight

It’s sure fun
to have some gold
But it won’t hug you when you’re old
Everybody say Amen tonight

Praise is good
Praise is fine
But you also better walk God’s line
Everybody say Amen tonight.

When they lay me
Beneath the sod
I’ll still be in the hands of god
Everybody say Amen tonight

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