Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Buy Vets Wherever Works Best for You

Daughter Katie says I should put the telephone # for Black Opal Books, the publisher of my new novel, VETS, on this site, because if you buy directly from Black Opal, I get a bigger cut of the price. That is good, because then I would have more money to contribute to helping homeless veterans. However, one friend who tried to buy directly from Black Opal said that we could solve the drug problem simply by requiring that all drugs be purchased through the Black Opal site, since it's difficult to negotiate. All the people at Black Opal have been exceptionally kind and helpful to me, and I hate to say anything bad about anything connected with them, but just go ahead and buy VETS in whatever way works best, and easiest, for you. You having the book and reading it is more important than me making more money from it.


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