Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Sunday, February 21, 2016

I Have No Pains Today-a poem

CHRIST IN WINTER: Reflections on Faith for the Years of Winter

I do not mean to overload you with poems. I doubt that my poems are why anyone reads CIW. Sometimes, though, I do not have one of my little story/reflections ready, and since I write a poem-like thing most days, one of them is usually available. I feel like I ought to post something new each day, in case you come looking for something new, so… at least this poem is new, and it is a reflection on faith in winter years… and I always warn you by noting in the title if it’s a poem!

I have no pains today
That is reason enough for celebration

I have other reasons, though, other
Joys to offer up. My loved ones all
Are well, and they choose with care
The slips and disappointments
That they share

I have no meetings of committee
And if some moron at the coffee shop loudly
Proclaims some philosophy with which I disagree
[which, by definition, is erroneous and stupid]
My legs work.

So many of my friends have gone ahead
But they have left a trail of memories
Like breadcrumbs, that bring us back together
Whenever I recall their names and faces
And there are others, still here, who remind me
To keep going

There is, of course, that matter of the skunks
Who dig up the yard, and the woodpecker
That makes holes up high on the house
But I have dug hard in places to feed
My family, as that skunk digs hard
To feed hers. And I have tried to impress
The girls, the way the woodpecker does,
Pointing out the difference between metaphor
And simile, and saying words
Like patripassionism, so who am I to judge?
[Still, I would be willing to live in Costa Rica for the winter]


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