Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Friday, April 8, 2016

Restless Legs Syndrome-a poem

Christ In Winter: Reflections on Faith for the Years of Winter

Perhaps in time to come
I’ll be a fish and, as those who
went before us on this terrestrial
ball, who learned to breathe
and walk on land.
They could not know
how they would change the world
by choosing that time when,
washed in upon the beach.
they turned forward
to the land instead of backward
to the sea. Perhaps I’ll be
the one on that new frightful
edge between the worlds
to make the choice to breathe
in a different way, and walk
on legs that just now start
to move. Perhaps I’ll be
that one…
Will I choose the unknown land
and start the human race again
or will I slip back, into the sea,
and let it be…


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