Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Saturday, July 30, 2016


CHRIST IN WINTER: Reflections on Faith for the Years of Winter

Bloomington is well-named. From early March to November, it is a blooming town. Late July is the blooming season of the women flowers—Sharon’s roses and Susan’s brown eyes and Zinnia and Lily... and Snotweed.

Now I know that may not sound like a female name, but it is the root of a name for a particular girl, and on Saturdays I like to post something that might be helpful to my preacher friends who are still looking for something to zest up the old sermon, so here is one of my father’s favorite stories:

Two new little girls showed up at school to register. The older went into the principal’s office first. “What’s your name?” asked the principal. “Pukeface Johnson,” the girl replied. “Now, that’s not nice,” said the principal. “You tell me your real name or just go home.”

The girl shrugged, left the office, found her little sister in the hallway, and said, “Come on Snotnose, they won’t believe you, either.”

There are so many biblical principles and life lessons there, if you can’t make that preach, there’s no hope for you.


Interestingly, the spehlchezk on my computer says Pukeface is misspelled, but it accepts Snotnose without demur.

Chicory is an acceptable alternative name for snotweed. It’s also popularly known as Tradescantia ohiensis. If you put it into coffee, as some folks do, probably should call it chicory, especially if you have guests.

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