Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Saturday, October 22, 2016

CREATION-a poem 10-22-16

CHRIST IN WINTER: Reflections on Faith for the Years of Winter… ©

My parents, in their chaotic love,
created me, as God, in love,
created the process
of creation. So when I felt
a pang this morning
in the garage, a flash
of sadness as I crushed
the little cardboard box beneath
my foot and placed it gently
in the bin where stuff must go
to be recycled, an unseen
critic sneered
and said, “How stupid. No soul
in that box. One of millions
just like it.”
Exactly, I replied.
Just like me.


The problem with writing a blog for old people, CHRIST IN WINTER, is an ever-diminishing population, of people who cannot remember to go to the blog site.

I tweet as yooper1721, because when I started, I thought you were supposed to have a “handle,” like CB radio, instead of a name. I was a Yooper, resident of MI’s UP [Upper Peninsula], and my phone ended in 1721, so…

Here I come to save the day! No, not Mighty Mouse. Yuri Strelnikov, the boy genius of Katie McFarland Kennedy’s delightful Learning to Swear in America. Buy it or borrow it, but read this book! [What do you mean, you’re not old enough to remember Mighty Mouse?”


  1. What a happy place to stumble on one rainy fall night. Thanks to the maker.