Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Thursday, August 10, 2017


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Bob Butts drove in from Brown County yesterday to have lunch. The cleaning lady was at their house, and he needed an escape. We went to the Clover Leaf. He’s not a big baseball fan but listened politely as I complained about the Reds’ pitching. Then we got down to the serious business of deciding which teams to be against in the football season.

It didn’t take us long to decide. We’re faithful; we don’t change our againstness much. Bob is from Mississippi and is a Mississippi State fan and is always against Notre Dame and Ol Miss. I’m from Indiana and an IU grad and always against Alabama and Purdue. Sometimes we have to make an adjustment, like if ND were to play Ol Miss, or Alabama were to play Purdue. But the main thing is to know who you’re against.

Againsters can watch any game and have a team to cheer for. No, being “for,” we have only one team to support, Mississippi State for Bob and IU for me. As many bumper stickers in my state say, “My two favorite teams are Indiana and whoever is playing Purdue.”

It’s just fun as football fans, but a whole lot of folks are againsters in all of life, be it politics or gender or religion or race or music or books or shopping or cars or… Being “for” is not satisfying for them. They don’t get their satisfaction by seeing something or someone win; they get their satisfaction by seeing something or someone lose.

It’s fun on a Saturday afternoon with nothing on the line. It’s a disaster all the rest of the time with the world on the line.

John Robert McFarland

Yes, I know I promised to stop writing for a year while I try to be a real Christian instead of just a professional Xn. But this isn’t very professional, is it?

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