Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

THIS SPECIAL PLACE, a poem [W, 9-27-17]

Today the air on our patio
is so soft it makes me feel
like I am sitting in the rose garden
of the American Sisters
in Assissi
and I wonder, in awe, o God
at the greatness of this vast
universe You have created
and not even the infernal
buzzing around my head
of the horse fly
which would be much more
acceptable if it actually looked like
a horse
Or the tar smell and routine curses
of the road crew in the street
Or the incessant bleating
of the car alarm next door
Or the yapping of the little black dog
from across the smelly street
Not even those can deter or detour
me from my imaginary trip
to the rose garden
where suddenly it smells like tar
and flies are buzzing
and dogs are yapping
and horns are blaring
I simply sit in wonder
that in the whole vastness
of your universe
You have chosen this
very spot for me


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