Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Sunday, June 24, 2018

BEFORE AC [Sun, 6-24-18]

It will be a hot and humid here today. It’s summer, after all. I’m going to dress for it.

Being old means I pastored BC. Before Conditioning.

I preached in 16 different church buildings before I retired. I didn’t have 16 different appointments. That would be excessive even for the Methodism of my day. I had three three-point [three different churches] appointments early in my career. That help raise the number of churches in which I preached. All as hot as an oven in summer.

Not a single one of them was air conditioned. Every one of them has been air-conditioned since. Not a single one of them has invited me back to preach in the air-conditioned comfort they denied me when I labored there. In my day, it really felt like laboring in the vineyard. Now it feels more like lunching in the Olive Garden.

In those non-air conditioned buildings, men wore dark suits and white shirts and ties. Women wore dresses and stockings and girdles. Now in those air-conditioned buildings, men wear t-shirts and shorts. Women wear t-shirts and shorts, too, but they cost as more than a dress.

I have t-shirts and shorts. I wear them all day every day in summer. But not on Sunday. Then I wear a dark suit and white shirt and tie. I’m going to get every degree of comfort out of that air conditioning that I possibly can!

John Robert McFarland

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