Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Saturday, September 8, 2018

AS ONE WHO KNOWS THE WAY-poem [Sa, 9-8-18]

Christ In Winter: Reflections on Faith & Life for the Years of Winter… 

When it is time
I want to go
As one who knows the way

John Robert McFarland

Bonus Unrelated but Useful Observation for the Current Times: Myth is a good word, but it is often used to mean a commonly accepted untruth, like “the myth of male superiority.” But myth really means a truth that is expressed in non-factual ways, like the myth involving the ugly duckling of Swan Lake, which gets across a truth that is not literally accurate. But some myths—like the master race--really are lies, so I’m going to start calling them lyths. It’s a word I thought I invented until I cranked up the Google machine and found that it is already in the urban dictionary

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