Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Last Sunday morning, Helen looked around the congregation, and said, “I don’t know everybody here, but everybody I do know has a lot of worries and concerns and burdens.” I thought, “We’ve GOT to get some better people into this church!”

Hasn’t happened so far. This afternoon we go to the funeral for Dave, a young man in his 60s, not yet retired, who just got the sweetest little granddaughter, Charlotte, and now he’s not going to get to enjoy playing trotty-horse with her, or go to her high school graduation, or…

And just now we got a text from Mark, saying that he took Michael to the ER last night and maybe he’s had a stroke. So we’ll go see him after Dave’s funeral.

And another Dave friend is having a really hard time recovering from his cancer treatment. And another friend is dealing with neuropathy and leukemia. And another has stage 4 kidney disease… the list goes on…and on…

I need a better family, too. Not only have I had cancer, but so has Helen, and our older daughter, and our grandson, and my parents, and her mother, and my brother, and my little sister, Margey, who died in her early 60s, and now Margey’s daughter has cancer, and it’s being very hard on her teen son, who has a heart condition, and her daughter, who’s at a vulnerable age emotionally for all this, and her husband, who has to bear everybody’s load… sheesh!

So, if you have no worries or concerns or burdens, and there is none in your family, please tell me, so that I’ll know at least one person I don’t have to pray for. In the meantime, I’ll listen to Pachelbel’s Canon as I pray…

John Robert McFarland

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