Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Sunday, March 31, 2019


 Sunday morning, just before the dawn,
is a good time for remembrance…

slanting sun through stained glass
stained with sin
lighted with mercy

the little babies—how I loved
the little babies—named in my arms
placing the water
made holy by grace
on their wondering heads

old men in gray suits
passing the plate

girls in Easter dresses
perfumed with wishes

ladies in flowered hats
giving sideways glances

at boys in white shirts
fidgeting and whispering

shimmering lights on a Christmas
tree, the baby Jesus underneath

preparing already for the sunrise
service, always come too soon

a line of hopers shuffling
up for bread and wine

a hymn that never ends
never quite in tune

John Robert McFarland

“If you believe that you must know the name of Jesus in order to be saved, you are talking about salvation by syllables.” Marcus Borg

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