Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Friday, November 12, 2010

Snow on Pines

Big snowflakes started down this morning. They didn’t stick. Helen was sad. Everyone else in the UP was happy, but not for the usual reasons. It’s because we won’t have to hear Helen pointing out to us that the pine trees are so pretty with the snow on them. EVERY pine tree! EVERY time we see it! A couple of years ago granddaughter Brigid finally said, “Grandma, you’ve seen pine trees with snow on them BEFORE!”

The snow-covered pines are especially pretty with sun on the snow. Just thinking about them made me remember Lloyd Stone’s great hymn, “This Is My Song,” usually sung to the “Finlandia” tune. Here is the second verse: “My country’s skies are bluer than the ocean, and sunlight beams on cloverleaf and pine; but other lands have sunlight, too, and clover, and skies are everywhere as blue as mine. O hear my song, thou God of all the nations, a song of peace for their land and for mine.”

It is important, in the land and years of winter, to appreciate each and every spot of beauty, EVERY time. It is also important to remember that other people in other places have beauty to appreciate, and ours is not better than theirs, only different. And not even different, if it’s snow on pines!

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  1. I'm with Helen...every year (that we have good snow) I take pictures of the beautiful snow on the trees - can't resist - and then, when the pictures are collected from year to year, you can't tell which year was which - all the beautiful pictures of beautiful snow on trees look alike!