Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Friday, January 7, 2011

Apocalyptic Undies

I am deeply indebted to noted [usually flat] theologian, John Wesley Wilkey, who in Arminian humility goes simply by “Wes,” for providing the biblical foundation for the line, “Pinko libs and hard-shell fundies will dance together in their undies,” in my Gospel song, “When All the Saints Are Gathered on the Lawn,” which I posted yesterday, a theological foundation that I knew must surely be there, but which I had not yet articulated. Wes says that not only does the image replicate David’s dance of joyful abandon in his skivvies before the arc, [You may remember said arc from Indiana Jones movies, or even the Bible], but that libs and fundies dancing thus together is a much more apocalyptic image than lions and lambs lying down together.

BTW, that line seems to be quite popular, although Anita Riggio, the creator of the Brindlebeast musical, [] which uses sign language as well as the more conventional media of the musical, says her favorite line is “teetotalers decanting.”

BTW, if you’re not sure who “Free Church” is in the line where said folk are chanting, just change it to “Baptists.”

Speaking of Baptists, be sure to celebrate “Baptism of the Lord” Sunday, Jan. 9, appropriately. Traditionally, that includes the autoharp, so we’ll go to hear Bryan Bowers, the great auto-harpist, at The Second Sunday Folk Concert and Dance here in the UP. We shall not dance in our skivvies, however, because it’s way too cold UP here. Oh, and also I have to preach, since our pastor is retreating with our confirmands.


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