Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Foes Arrayed Against Me-a poem

CHRIST IN WINTER: Reflections on Faith from a Place of Winter for the Years of Winter… ©

The foes arrayed against me
are many,
and mighty,
filled with violence,
and fueled by hate.
I must be ever ready,
and vigilant,
shield up, high,
sword steady
hand strong, though trembling,
eyes forward, clear.
Although each day I lose,
and retreat a grudging inch,
I shall not admit defeat.
I shall fight until I die
and count that as victory.

John Robert McFarland

The “place of winter” mentioned in the title line is Iron Mountain, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where life is defined by winter even in the summer! [This phrase is explained in the post for March 20, 2014.]

I have also started an author blog, about writing, in preparation for the publication, by Black Opal Books, of my novel, VETS, in 2015.

I tweet as yooper1721.

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