Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Monday, May 16, 2016


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You know why Donald Trump will be the next president of the US? Because he is just like Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’ve already noted that Trump and Jesus were just alike, each having authority in himself instead of appealing to laws and constitutions and scriptures for authority. [April 6]

Now hear this: Trump and MLK are just alike, too. My pastor, Jimmy Moore, pointed out yesterday [1] that the reason MLK was successful was not because he said, “I have a plan,” but because he said, “I have a dream.”

That is why Trump will best Bernie or Hillary, or both of them together. They have plans. Plans have flaws. They have restrictions. They have points people can pick at and disagree with.

Trump has no plan. He has only a dream. Dreams have no flaws or restrictions. You can’t disagree with a dream. “Make America Great Again.” Who can quibble with that? Oh, yes, some folks say, “America is already great,” but that’s just peeing uphill. The dream is coming downhill full speed, and nobody likes someone who pees on a parade.

There is an old saying among folk tale tellers: “If you’re telling a story about fighting a grizzly, and people don’t believe it, throw in another grizzly.”

Trump is an excellent at folk tales. When people get picky, he just throws in another grizzly.

If anyone expects to beat Trump to the White House, they’d better get a better dream, and throw in a whole bunch of grizzlies.

President Trump? Get used to the sound of it. People don’t want planners. We want dreamers, and right now Trump is the only one who has a dream.


1] I think he quoted someone, but I can’t remember whether or who. That’s okay. Preachers should note their sources, even if listeners don’t know or remember who they are. It makes us think they read stuff.

Yes, I know that I promised today would be a follow-up to Sunday’s Pentecost reflection, but that was before my pastor convinced me that Trump will be our next president. Thanks a lot, Jimmy.

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