Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Thursday, January 18, 2018

FAITH V. TWITTER [R, 1-18-17]

Some time back I put a Christian Wiman quote on Twitter. “Faith is the movement of a soul toward God.”

An atheist Tweeted in reply: “There is no evidence for soul or God. Faith is belief without evidence. How can that ever be good?”

The first thing I realized is that the people who respond to my tweets the most are atheists. The second thing I realized is that Twitter is not a very good mode for discussing weighty ideas. 140 characters per tweet does not lend itself to nuanced thinking. [280 isn’t going to make this sort of discussion any easier.] Our own President has led the way in helping us to understand this.

The world will be won or lost not just by who has the best story, but by who tells their story best and widest. There really are only two stories, the Christ story, which is about love and inclusion, and the Anti-Christ story, which is about fear and exclusion.

There is a lot of fear and exclusion on the unsocial media. But in this time and place, the stories are told through social media. We who tell the Christ story, by whatever name, need to flood said media with hope and inclusion, so that it will actually be social instead of unsocial.

Old people don’t have much energy, but we can tweet. Every old person should be working Twitter, to create a Christ inclusion movement, 280 characters at a time, flooding the Twitterverse with mature wisdom. I have faith that the world will be a better place if we convince everybody to stay home on Saturday nights and watch Lawrence Welk reruns on PBS. You know it’s true…

I tweet as yooper1721.


The Wiman quote is from his penetrating book, My Bright Abyss.

The atheist quoted above asked how can belief without evidence ever be good. For the answer, read Neal F. Fisher’s excellent AN INTRODUCTION TO CHRISTIAN FAITH: A Deeper Way of Seeing.

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