Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Sunday, April 15, 2018


Reflections on Faith & Life for the Years of Winter…

I face the end now with a surprising absence of fear. Perhaps it is just resignation. After all, none of us has an alternative to the end. Some see it as a beginning. I think I am in that number. I have hope for a fearless life in that new place, whatever or wherever it may be.

If hell is real, I suppose that’s the place I have earned. But I have no fear of hell. I used up all my fears in this place, in this life. Also, I don’t fear hell much because I have more trust in God’s mercy than in Satan’s punishment.

When I say that my fears are lessened in old age, I do not mean they are entirely gone. In this life, there will always be fear, because in this world, there is evil. In this life there is loss and pain and suffering. We cannot help but fear them. Even if I do not fear for myself in this life, I fear for others. But I do not fear death.

The message of Easter is that we need have no fear either of death or of fear itself, because resurrection awaits. Christ does not take away our fears, but shares them with us, and when they are realized, Christ shares with us the hurt. [1]


1] I call that paschaltheism. A Google search can’t find any mention of such a word, so apparently I created it. [Instead Google suggests psychotheism.] Its root is “paschal,” as in Christ being the paschal lamb, the sacrifice. It is the theology of Christ suffering with us and us sharing in the suffering of Christ.  I prefer paschal to the word “passion,” traditionally used to denote the suffering of Christ, because the way we use passion these days is almost the opposite of suffering. Sometimes it’s better to use a word, paschal, we have to explain than a word everyone thinks they already know.

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