Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Saturday, May 12, 2018

WARM MORNING-a poem [Sat, 5-12-18]

WARM MORNING-a poem   [Sat, 5-12-18]

The stove was called Warm Morning

The morning was not warm
for my father
He got up first
to shake the ashes down
pour the new coal in
take the cinders out

Sometimes, cold mornings now
I lie beneath the comfort
of down-filled quilts and covers
wishing someone else
would get up first
place bare feet on cold floor
walk down the hall
and nudge the little lever
in the round thing
on the wall
to make the morning warm

Then I hear the sound of ashes
shaking down


I always note “poem” in the title as a warning. Further warning: It’s almost always Saturday when I post a poem, because the Google stats people say CIW has few readers on Saturday. So if you want to avoid my poetry, Saturday is a good day to skip. I’m not ashamed of my poetry attempts, but I know I’m not really a poet, so I try to be as un-intrusive with it as possible. Obviously, though, you are a hearty soul, or just like amateurish poetry, and I thank you for hanging in there.

This one was written on 9-20-08.

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