Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Sunday, December 1, 2019


Come, o come, Emmanuel
to this earthly heaven, this earthly hell
Come, o come, Emmanuel

on winter mornings when feet are cold
and in big box stores where souls are sold

where walls are high and hopes are low
where old eyes and feet must move so slow

where foundations shake both far and near
and hearts of children quake with fear

where harsh words are spoken, and hearts are broken
and love is just a tinsel token

where the homeless gather to look for heat
use a cardboard box in place of a sheet

where pains are heavy and joys are light
where dreams and daring are out of sight

where your people cloak your cross with hate
and claim that’s the way to make us great

where things are people, and people are things
and the only good is a fist of bling

Come, o come, Emmanuel…

John Robert McFarland

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