Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Uncle Johnny's Bat-a poem

CHRIST IN WINTER: Reflections on Faith for the Years of Winter… ©

I always feel I should have great thoughts as a new year begins. Isn’t that what transitions are for? But I don’t. However, I did scribble this little poem…

Sometimes when my life obeys the rules too well
the rules that say with age comes loss
of eye and ear and friends and memory
I take my grip down low
on Uncle Johnny’s bat
remembering his hand and stand
so steady, the swing so level
That swing would lift the ball sky high
from the point where word and horsehide meet
soaring up so long and clean
and my undimmed eyes and eager legs
begin to track the arc
running through long grass
in sloping field beyond the house and barn
I hear the sound of wholeness
as ball and leather meet
and know that it is safe in being out.

John Robert McFarland

I still have that bat.

I tweet as yooper1721.

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