Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Jess Bailey’s obit was in my home town newspaper. He was 95. Before mentioning his wife of 73 years, or his children and grandchildren, or his church membership, where he was a trustee, or his profession as a heavy equipment operator, or his military service in WWII, the obit noted, “He played on a sectional winning basketball team.” [1]

That’s how we see basketball in Indiana.


1] This was in the days of the “Hickory” of the movie “Hoosiers,” when there was only one class, and a tiny school like Milan, on which “Hickory” was based, had a chance at a state championship. It wasn’t very likely, though, so the sectional championship, the first of the four levels--followed by regional, semi-state, and state—was basically an ultimate championship for a small school. 

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