Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Sunday, June 25, 2017

EARS TO HEAR-a poem 6-25-16

EARS TO HEAR-a poem    6-25-16

As I stand here in this multi thousand dollar
Hand-crafted gold oak pulpit
Wine-red carpet beneath my feet
The choice of color being the cause
Of two good Christian women
Refusing to speak to each other
For ever and ever, amen
With a multi thousand dollar screen behind me on the wall
And a multi thousand, yes, many multi thousands
Heating and cooling system treating the air
Around us so that it will be just like Galilee
And a multi thousand dollar microphone
Slipped on my ear so
All can hear me regardless of how softly
I speak in dramatic tones to convince
Soft-bottomed people on soft-cushioned pews
That they should follow Jesus

I preach about Jesus standing with dirty feet
In a dirty robe on a dirty hillside
Calling out “Let those who have ears
to hear, hear.”


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