Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU [W, 11-29-17]

On a popular book site, a reader-reviewer gave Katie Kennedy’s LEARNING TO SWEAR IN AMERICA only one star, although almost every other reader gave it five stars. The one-star reviewer said, “I’m just so tired of contemporary sci-fi.” Well, what you are tired of is not the point. If you want to review your emotional status, go to, not goodreads. On a book review site, the point is the book, not your feelings.

So many folks, though, operate only on the basis of how they feel.

I know a controversial public figure who is often boorish, misogynistic, and rude. [No, not a politician.] He is criticized for that. His supporters, however, say, “You don’t know the real him. He also does a lot of good in secret.”

I do know him. I know that is true. I have seen him do good in secret. Also I have often seen him be boorish and rude and mean-spirited in secret, even to his friends and best supporters.

The problem is: he operates only on the basis of how he feels. He got stuck at a four-year-old mentality.

Four year olds, if they are feeling good, will be nice to anyone they are with. If they feel bad, they will be mean to anyone they are with, even if that person is the one who loves them and takes care of them.

It’s all about how they feel. How the other person feels, or acts, is not in the picture.

That’s normal for a four year old. To be mature, however, as persons or civilizations, we have to grow beyond that, learn to recognize that it, whatever “it” is, is not all about us.


Katie Kennedy’s latest book is, What Goes Up. It’s published in hardback, paperback, audio, and electronic, from B&N, Amazon, etc. Six stars, out of five.

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