Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Sunday, November 26, 2017


We are doing “the hanging of the greens” at church this evening.

It reminds me of the time we were getting ready to move back to IL, following the grandchildren. Our son-in-law was becoming the Dean of Liberal Arts at Sauk Valley Community College, located between Dixon and Sterling. We looked at houses to buy in both towns.

While we were in Dixon one weekend, looking for a house, we went to church at First Methodist. Dixon is the hometown of Ronald Reagan, but he went to the Christian [Disciples] Church, so I think of Dixon as the hometown of Austin Ritterspach, our friend from undergrad days at IU. First UMC was his home church. [1]

Going to Sunday morning worship in a church for the first time can be a dangerous and difficult adventure, especially deciding where to sit. That morning, by unhappy accident we got into the section known as Little Old Ladies Who Can’t Hear and Constantly Ask One Another, “Can You Hear?”

So it wasn’t really a surprise when the pastor announced the hanging of the greens for that evening and a little old lady in the row behind us whispered loudly, “I don’t know the Greens, but that seems a bit extreme.”


1] Dixon First UMC got Austin off to a good start, which led him to a PhD in Old Testament at the Graduate Theological Union in San Francisco and a distinguished career as a scholar.

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