Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Sunday, May 5, 2019


A recent story in our local newspaper noted that a woman had stabbed a man because the sandwich he brought her from a fast food place did not have enough mayo on it.

Talk about “killing the messenger!”

I have no idea where to start trying to understand the “why” of that episode. Did he purposely tell Devin at Burger King to omit the mayo because he did not want the woman to have it her way? Did this happen all the time? Was this the last straw? Did some childhood trauma give her a weird and lasting need for mayo as her comfort food?

As Luther said, “Give a woman enough mayo and she’ll eat for a day. Don’t put enough mayo on it and you’ll surely pay.” Well, maybe that wasn’t Luther.

Anyway, on this day, of all days, if you bring a woman a sandwich, for heaven’s sake, and your own, put enough mayo on it.

John Robert McFarland

IRRELEVANT OBSERVATION: Every TV series ends up being a soap opera. They may start out trying to thwart terrorists, or catch criminals, or extol family life, or get laughs, but as the producers and writers run out of story lines, they are all about which amnesiac has whose baby.

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