Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Thursday, May 9, 2019


It takes a devious
Mind to be a poet
Obedient to a muse
Wrapped in mystic mist
Who leads through deep
Grass to the place
Where angst doth grow
Oblivious to the obvious
Even though every line
Insists on starting
With a capital
Which may be more
At the behest
Of the computer
Than the muse these days
Making each line short
As Langston Hughes did
Because he was paid
By the line
Which is really
The only true reason
To write a poem

John Robert McFarland

The above is 23 lines. At ten cents per line, which, I admit, is far more than it is worth--but you did read it--that comes to $2.30. You may make your payment to any good cause that enhances the kindliness or beauty of the world.

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