Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A LITTLE SISTER MIRACLE [From the 1970s, posted 7-17-18]


As old people must do, I have been trying to clear out extraneous stuff so that our daughters will not have to do it later. In the process I came across a “journal” that I kept in the 1970s. It doesn’t look like a journal, just a yellow tablet, at the back of a file drawer, and I didn’t even know it was there. I had forgotten almost all of the events it chronicles. Here is one entry.,,

A girl of 20 came today, with her mother and a baby. She claimed the child was her sister. They wanted me to find a family for the baby to stay with that would be close to where the “big sister” must work. But why didn’t the mother say anything? It was the 20 year old, not the 45, who did the talking. Finally, it was “big sister” who broke into gentle, desperate sobs.
            Hers I knew was the old, old story. She was a “good” girl. She loved the boy. He backed out. She couldn’t stand to give her baby for adoption, so now… a little sister… close by… it was the best she could do.
            I knew she was a “good girl.” Bad girls don’t get pregnant. They know how to avoid that one little handicap. How many times I’ve felt like saying, “At least be smart.” But by the time they come to me, it’s usually too late.
            She cried some more as she told me how many agencies, how many professionals who, supposedly, are in the “helping” professions, had refused even to consider her needs. And so, I said I’d try, knowing I couldn’t do anything either.
Yet within four hours, she was sitting in the living room of the family she needed, thinking I was a miracle worker. I’ve pulled off two [1] “miracles” within a week now—all by accident. But you can’t explain how it’s all accidental; that sounds like false modesty in search of greater praise.
            Maybe that’s what a miracle is—just being there, so that accidents can happen to you, and people’s needs are met. Of course, the more needs that get met, the more accidents happen, and…


1] I have no idea what the other “miracle” was.

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