Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Friday, July 20, 2018



I was driving a friend to the doctor recently when he mentioned that the key to good driving is to be constantly “gathering information” about the situation around you as you drive, to use when you need it.

I was aware of that, of course. I have always done that, scanned the areas ahead and behind my car, scanned the roadsides, watched for people [and when we lived in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, watched for deer and bears.] I had never thought of it before, though, as “gathering information.” It was just driving. But I like his take on it, because it’s the way of life.

As we go through life, if we’re smart, we pay attention to what’s ahead and behind, what’s along the roadsides, who might run out into the way and cause an accident. We gather information. We won’t need all of it. Some will be irrelevant. But we’ll have it if we need it.

I think that was what I did best as a pastor—gather information. That was why I was able to perform the “miracle” I talked about in the post of      titled “A Miracle for a Little Sister,” on W, 7-18. I gathered information from and about everyone I met. After that “big sister” had left, I got to thinking about my gathered information and realized I knew a family that might meet her need.

As a pastor, I was just a conduit—between people and God, and between people in need and people who could meet that need.

Now that I am no longer a pastor, I continue to do that, and I am finally realizing that’s what all Christians do. We gather information, so that when the world needs it, we have it.

Here is a good piece of information I gathered from a hymn by Maltie Babcock: “Though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet.”’


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