Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Saturday, January 31, 2015


CHRIST IN WINTER: Reflections on Faith from a Place of Winter for the Years of Winter… ©

I never take those Facebook quizzes. They can’t tell me anything new. I already know that my aura is gray, that my life vegetable is the rutabaga, that my spirit guide is the hamster, that I can name all 7 dwarves and thus qualify as a “Disney Dandy.”

However, when the one came up about “Which 1960s song represents your life?” I couldn’t help myself. Those were my songs. I anticipated the quiz would give me “Sounds of Silence,” considering my hermit tendencies. Or maybe “Blowin in the Wind,” considering my elderly digestive system. Or “We Shall Overcome,” considering my hand-wringing about injustice.

It was Atlantis! By Donovan! I’ve never even heard of Atlantis! Or Donovan!

So I youtubed it. Donovan seemed like a nice young man, if a bit plummy, and a bit overdramatic as he recited the legend of Atlantis, interminably, which I, of course, already knew, so that I kept yelling, “Get to my song!” He finally did. All 3 chords and one line of it, which seemed to have nothing to do with Atlantis.

So the song of my life is about a city that never existed, and is under the sea, sung by a London poof [I hope that’s not a bad or politically incorrect word.] who, I hope, later got some guitar lessons.

Sounds about right.

John Robert McFarland

The “place of winter” mentioned in the title line is Iron Mountain, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula [The UP], where life is defined by winter even in the summer! [This phrase is explained in the post for March 20, 2014.]

I used to keep a careful index of all the things I told in this blog so that I would not repeat. That has become unwieldy. Now I just trust to… what’s it called… oh, yes, memory. Sorry about repeats.

I have also started an author blog, about writing, in preparation for the publication, by Black Opal Books, of my novel, VETS, about four handicapped and homeless Iraqistan veterans who are accused of murdering a VA doctor, in 2015.

I tweet as yooper1721.

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