Iron Mountain ski jump

Iron Mountain ski jump

Saturday, February 10, 2018

THE POETS OF WINTER [Sat, 2-10-18]

THE POETS OF WINTER                              [Sat, 2-10-18]
In the years of winter, it is fun
to be a poet in a coffee house
The problem with being a poet in a coffee house
is that everybody else here is a poet, too

As we look around, trying to find a muse.
all we find is other poets,
with their scraggly beards
and disorganized braless bosoms
[Different poets, those two]

Each of us trying to find a color or season or bird
to whom we can compare the others

A rainbow plaid of unrhymed scrigglers
An autumn full of torn-out leaves
A flamboyance of flatulent flamingoes

Or something we can see to justify the cost of coffee
since poetry can easily be done
in any place that does not charge by the word

Plastic spoons rampant on a field of quiche
The dregs of decaf through unwashed plate-glass
Noses red from cold and sniffing for a simile

I must go, my parking meter calls me
I wonder what they’ll write about me as
I walk away, one leg that rhymes
one that is free verse


I tweet as yooper1721 and write poetry as Billy Collins. [Bazinga!]

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